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    Welcome to the official website of Jinjiang Jingte Drive Technology Co., Ltd.


    Strong competitiveness in the industry



    World-class High Precision Testing Instrument
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    Honesty, Quality First, Customer First


    Jingte Drive Technology Co., Ltd.

    Jinjiang Jingte Drive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 2008. In order to provide more comprehensive and fast service, Jinjiang Jingte Drive Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Fujian in 2015. It mainly engages in grinding rack, high precision rack, guide rack and so on. The company specializes in producing high-precision mechanical transmission components. With strong technical development team, perfect scientific management system and strong equipment, new processes are constantly developed in production, and world-class high-precision testing instruments are used to measure and test products, so that the products have stable quality assurance and timely delivery. The ability to solve current problems and problems can provide excellent products comparable to those of Atlanta, YYC, KHK, etc. The quality, durability and precise discarding of precision rack can meet the international equal precision requirement. It is suitable for all transmission industry equipment, especially for industrial robotic manipulators, CNC machine tools, woodworking engraving machinery, CNC laser cutting machine, woodworking machinery automation equipment, stone cutting machinery, etc. It has become the industry. Excellent enterprises with strong competitiveness. The company has more than 20 professional rack production equipment and rack accuracy grade up to GB10095-88 standard 7. In order to better adapt to market changes and meet high-end customers with high-precision rack demand, the company introduced CNC rack grinder from Germany in 2015. The rack precision produced by this equipment can reach (JIS II) DIN6n25. To meet the needs of high-end market. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "honesty, quality first, customer first" to serve the vast number of users. We sincerely welcome new and old friends from all walks of life, domestic and foreign businessmen to visit and patronize, to exchange experience extensively, to achieve mutual benefit and common development.